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Why is it annoying when it could also be stress-free? A simple but urgent question for many self-employed entrepreneurs as they endlessly organize receipts or try to anticipate tax payments. Kontist approaches this question with empathy. As a fintech startup, they seek to provide an answer that drives disruptive changes in the financial sector. It's about shaking up established structures and services by increasing financial inclusion.

100 % digital, simple and with outstanding customer service – this is how banking, accounting and tax advice flow at Kontist. We at Studio Lenzing helped Kontist communicate this innovation through a website re-design.

What we set ourselves as a goal in this project was to free the self-employed from their hurdles in communicating with traditional banks. But to empower them as heroes with the help of our designs: "Boost your business with Kontist".

Experiences that we particularly wanted to offer Kontist's users were those of comprehensibility, accessibility and trust. By communicating these themes in our designs, we were able to make them liveable experiences for self-employed entrepreneurs.


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White signals calm, honesty and clarity. That's why we decided to give this color a lot of space in our design. We have added minimalistic elements with a flexible touch to it, which again contribute to these feelings. We are inviting Kontist’s users to take a deep breath on the subject of banking.


The tranquility of black and white allows us to communicate Kontist's many innovative technological features. In the overall picture, according to Kontist's brand attributes, we didn't want the technical advantages to determine the look. So we integrated the brand-typical violet into the field of vision as a warm, approachable, human component.

Collaborating with Studio Lenzing was outstanding. The team seamlessly integrated into our existing Kontist structures. The level of quality and thoughtfulness in their work is unmatched.”
Justin Schüler
Prev. Design Lead, Kontist

Fusing technology and financial services? Let’s make it digital together.

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