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UX design for a user-friendly mobile checkout process

Syte empowers project developers, investors, agents, architects and city planners to spot interesting properties with development potential.

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The Raum Objects

Our design team aimed to create an immersive digital stage for The Raum Objects.

We solve problems through UX, research and cutting edge technologies. We're proud of the work and even prouder of the partnerships we've built.

How we work
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We worked with Pleo to create an extensive icon system that truly expresses its vibrant and quirky character.

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The banking account tailored specifically for digital first freelancers and entrepreneurs.

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We helped Sparkasse to enter a new era of online and mobile banking, expanded their app portfolio and improved existing products.

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We partnered with Swan to shape the next generation of self-care by connecting enthusiasts and professionals.

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ReachNow Project Thumbnail — Product Detail Page
Daimler × BMW

We helped Daimler and BMW join forces to unify all mobility options within one single platform.

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Taking work spaces to the next level – that’s what the zeitgeist is calling for.

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We are working with the Medudy team to create an intuitive, content-first experience for young doctors to learn, exchange and connect.

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Wando Project Thumbnail — Collaborative Joy

We founded this project to be as minimalistic and calm as possible, to put focus on the content and allow people and ideas to breathe.

Our services


Research roadmap
Design Sprints
Persona creation

User Experience

Product design
System mapping
UX- & Copywriting


Usability lab tests
Qualitative tests
A/B & preference tests


Design systems
Design libraries
Lottie animations
Webflow development

Usertesting × COVID-19: 3 Tactics

As product designers with a great deal of app projects, qualitative user testings are a core element of our work. Not easy in times of...

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