Levelling up work spaces

In times of the New Work megatrend, the relaying of outstanding objects no longer only includes the transfer of x square meters. What is clearly benefiting us these days is a people-centered approach. Not only to work but also to digital services. At this anchor point, we went into a huddle with Workin’Up.

Modern work is about elevating the entire work experience according to the maxims of the zeitgeist: freedom, sustainability and independence. We believe that, in addition to the internet or flexible working hours, the office itself has potential to meet these needs. Especially after the recent experience of isolation in lockdowns, future-oriented companies should pay attention to the quality of their office space. To inspire with a working environment that enables encounters. To open the door to a satisfying work-life blend for professionals.

Taking work spaces to the next level – that’s what the zeitgeist is calling for. And the visionary team of Workin’Up was eager to take on this assignment in collaboration with the creative minds of Studio Lenzing.

Our task was to pave the way for people to find their new dream office. In particular, we wanted to initiate satisfactory, long-term interactions between users and Workin'Up. We were invited to design a search & map logic that promises quick access to all the city's hidden urban gems, while inspiring users instead of overwhelming them.

We strived to counter the flood of information that is characteristic of today with a product that provides digital balance with good design and conscious technology. Therefore we went into an iterative process of strategic thinking, research, and building prototypes. As a result, we have not only developed a delightful search solution but also a new icon set that levels up the user experience from usable to enjoyable.


Brand positioning
Tone of voice
Visual language


User interviews
User journey mapping

Design & Production

UI design
Design system
Dev documentation



We have made thoughtful choices regarding font, information structure, and colors. In this way, we communicate Workin'Ups 360-degree service in such a clean visual language that allows the advantages of the product to become tangible for the user.

The calm look not only suits the tastes of young, future-oriented users but also meets their need for focus and easy access.

Our team felt enthused about Studio Lenzing's art of creation and collaboration. They work transparently, thoughtfully, and quickly – which specifically supports us as an ambitious company to move forward fast. We see this project as a kickstart to a long-term partnership with the kind-hearted Studio Lenzing team.”
Jan Petersen von Urff
Founder & CEO, Workin’Up

Working with products rich in information? Together, let’s elevate them to user-friendly services.

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