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The real estate industry is one of the industries in which a lot of tedious manual work still occurs. Project developers, investors, agents, architects and city planners sweat over enormous amounts of documents.

The current process of real estate development is characterized by time-consuming data research like searching property records for ownership documents and purchase prices, phoning authorities, and on-site visits to gather data by eye.

Syte felt it was time to bring the power of artificial intelligence to the industry. We helped Syte create a tool in which real estate development and potential analysis are designed to be sustainable, efficient, and beautiful.

In our design process, it was no longer just the project developers and architects who were sitting in front of the huge amount of data, but us. Our biggest challenge was to visualize the data not only clearly but also beautifully. We wanted to provide the real estate developers, who traditionally worked with pen and paper, with an efficiency booster.
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Syte is technical but human – this should be visible in every detail.

Neue Machina, designed by Mat Desjardins & Valerio Monopoli, and Patron, developed by Günther Gerhard Lange & Roger Excoffon, represent the Syte App extremely well: Both impress with their precision, which arose, among other things, from the inspiration of robotics and machines. At the same time the two typefaces present themselves as extremely approachable: The Neue Machina, with its characterful ink traps, and the Patron, which is characterized by unconventional shifts in balance, thus introduce humanity into our text sections.


We have designed an eye-catching icon set that elegantly but confidently blends into our visual concept in universal language.

Blocky, edgy, bold, and stripped down to the essentials – each symbol expresses essential qualities in the brand's signature language. We impart universally accessible state-of-the-art technology, efficiency, and user-friendliness in the real estate industry.

We placed great value on the icons and font entering into a harmonious relationship on the screen. The focus was also on legibility and recognition.

With the syte app, we introduced AI to an industry in which the amount of data that is juggled on a daily basis has long since surpassed human processing limits. So let's focus on the humanity that is so valued by industry members and let smart software do its job so that there is time for important discussions in the actual job.

Without Studio Lenzing, we would never have created such a great product. UI & UX is just an extremely important feature. Today in general, but also especially for our target group, we can score very well with it. Very, very good job.”
David Nellessen
CTO & Co-Founder, Syte

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