We are Studio Lenzing

We are designers, engineers, problem solvers, creatives, writers & strategists. We are a group of bright minds seeking to build better futures through technology & design.

We like to question the status-quo, take different perspectives and think lateral. We have an ear at the pulse of time whilst building sustainable designs for better futures.

Leander Lenzing
Team member: Leander Lenzing
Anja Merz
Product Designer
Team member: Anja Merz
Malte Körte
Creative Director
Team member: Malte Körte
Lilian Galedary
Office Manager
Team member: Lilian Galedary
Franziska Block
UX & Copywriter
Team member: Franziska Block
Jasmin Blessmann
UX Researcher
Team member: Jasmin Blessmann
From day one, we’ve been committed to making Studio Lenzing a place where people can feel at ease, broaden their horizon and make the best out of their working time. We do it by putting people at the center of all our doing.
We have a clear vision of who we are and where we want to be - from our work and partnerships to the way we communicate with people. Our principles guide everything we do, reminding us of the present and future we want to create together.
Our principles
Let's work together. We're always looking for good, passionate people aiming to improve people's lives.
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