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In a world of pure abundance, where the large selection of public transportation and sharing services can be both amazing and overstraining at the same time, Daimler and BMW have decided to join forces to unify all mobility options within one single mobility service.

In 2018 and 2019 we helped ReachNow build a mobility platform that will scale as their business and operations do.

We helped their design team create a single app with multiple mobility options. Meaning: one single app with a harmonised UX flow that can map and display all of the different user products through a single narrative without undermining a single product's character.


Tone of voice
Visual language


Usability testing
User journey mapping

Design & Production

UI design
Motion design
Design system
Dev documentation




A tight, blue dominated color palette with selected accent colors created closed yet harmonious color systems throughout the different products.


Having deep blue as the basic color for the whole YourNow umbrella brand, accent colors in teal, white and red helped to create comprehensible experience. Furthermore, we ensured a maximum contrast throughout the given colors for a greater accessibility for all people in all places.


Bold, angular, readable.
We designed a unique, legible and distinguishable icon look that does not have to hide itself. Inspired by the German Autobahn it appears through strong lines and strong angles. The result: A clear, yet gentle guidance whilst using the app.

We created a shared understanding throughout an interactive, unified prototype, so that all parts and positions of Daimler x BMW could have a uniform picture of the design process and product — at any time.

There are things and services that need a dedicated app and user flow. But: sometimes there is no "one size fits all" solution because people and their needs vary greatly. Some people will want a single app that combines all options, other people will want an app that offers just one single service in detail. In the end, both options have their justification.

It was a pleasure to join hands with Studio Lenzing, learn and grow together and build such a unique and versatile product. The good combination of professionalism, knowledge and a lot of fun has made our shared time a very fruitful one - on business and humanely."
Michael Asshauer
Prev. Product Design Lead, ReachNow
Founder & CEO,

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