Why we started Studio Lenzing

Why we started Studio Lenzing

A drive for more
Leander Lenzing
Why we started Studio Lenzing

If we were allowed to say only four words about why we started Studio Lenzing, they would be these:

01/ Self-Realization
02/ Freedom
03/ Flexibility
04/ Independency

Okay, we certainly have not reinvented the wheel of self-employment. So let’s look a little bit deeper at the specific motivators that led to us founding Studio Lenzing.

We don’t claim to know it all and surely have a lot to learn. Still. Looking back at our past jobs there was always something missing. Or something going wrong. Something not being paid attention to enough. Something that didn’t feel good or look like we would’ve done it.

Whether it was the overall brand presentation, a half-hearted website design, sloppy employee management, rigid work conditions or who knows what else, we always thought there was space and need for improvement.

Or, in other words: there was this steady dissatisfaction, a drive for more.

This “more” has accompanied us ever since entering the job world. We played the career game according to the “normal” rules. You graduate, do a couple of internships, decide on an apprenticeship place. You stay for a while, you move on. You note the positive things and take them with you, adjusting the negative ones in mind, knowing that one day you will leave this behind. Still, we didn’t know when it would happen — until it happened.

Besides a couple of good freelance offers, there was no explicit strategy, no big masterplan as a basis. It was as simple as this: it was the right timing and the right feeling. We shared our values and vision, and a lot faster than expected there was a consenting handshake at our favorite coffee place — and Studio Lenzing was born.

So, here we are, one year and a couple of days after this handshake, finally able to work on this “more”.
Today, we decide on the looks and feels of our work.
Today, we can arrange the studio according to our taste and needs. We can create the minimalistic and clean atmosphere we need to free our minds and be creative.

But we also get to decide on a few other things.

Working hours, amount, projects, clients, looks, breaks, dogs at work — all in our hands. All exactly how we like and need it.

Today, we are living and working according to everything that helps us grow. And inspires us. It is up to us to say no to projects that don’t meet our criteria.

At the same time, there is a completely different drive and motivation to work. Because you’re not doing it for someone else. You’re doing it because you love doing it. You’re doing it for yourself. And that feels good.

Inside Studio Lenzing
Leander Lenzing
Leander Lenzing
Designer, coffee enthusiast & minimalist at heart. Never without a pair of sunglasses.

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