Celebrating 2 years of Studio Lenzing

Celebrating 2 years of Studio Lenzing

Plus: the 6 core values that shape our work
Leander Lenzing
Malte Körte
Celebrating 2 years of Studio Lenzing

It's official: Time really does fly. I feel like it was only last month when I took a moment to reflect on our very first year. Instead, it is already 2 years ago that Leander founded Studio Lenzing.

Having learned our lessons in the first year, this year had us adapt to quite some outer challenges (take covid-19, just for an idea) and also turned out to be the one where we would dive deeper and take a look at the core values that define us and the work that we do.

May we introduce them to you?

01/ Aesthetics

We stand for good and simple design. Design that is functional and calm, yet bold enough to stand out. Our designs are as accurate and humble as possible, however giving essential character to our products.

02/ Transparency

We seek and support honest, open and fair communication. We encourage freedom of opinion and healthy debate. We trust and rely on each other, knowing that togetherness and clear responsibilities are about half of the whole story.

03/ Passion

We are committed in heart and mind, knowing that passion and personality make a difference. We use our drive and commitment to energize, engage and inspire others.

04/ Esteem

We strive to show a deep respect for human beings inside and outside of our studio. We accept, value and tolerate the diversity of human existence and encourage everybody to stand up for their thoughts and believes.

05/ Partnership

We develop relationships at eye level that draw positive distinctions in the business world. We are loyal to our partners, making any process transparent while holding ourselves accountable for our results.

06/ Fun

We truly believe that work can be both serious and fun. Especially when our work requires an intense focus, we take breaks to loosen up. We are striving to make our studio a place where people can feel at ease and enjoy a good dash of humor.

Other than that, if there is only one thing we could name that we learned in our second year it surely is this: flexibility. Thriving to change for better and devotedly investing in any possible change, we have managed to adapt to the current circumstances quite well without losing neither the focus nor the quality of our work. We learned to build up a passionate, close core team even though we have been working remotely for quite an amount of time, figured out solutions to carry on user testings, had some exciting collaborations and above all, never lost the spirit and fun in between.

So, at this point, we would love to say a huge thank you to anyone who as supported and accompanied us in the last 12 months. We had a good time and are excited to see what's next.

Cheers to all of us.

Inside Studio Lenzing
Professional Development
Leander Lenzing
Leander Lenzing
Designer, coffee enthusiast & minimalist at heart. Never without a pair of sunglasses.
Malte Körte
Malte Körte
Father, coffee lover & clean aesthetics. Good vibes only.

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