The Power of Icon Design in Fintech

Work can be hard. Paying for things at work shouldn’t be. That’s why Danish fintech Pleo offers smart company cards to help forward-thinking teams buy what they need to do their jobs better.

This allows the finance teams to keep a close eye on expenses and gives employees more confidence in handling company expenses. With this solution, finance teams can easily monitor expenses while empowering employees to manage company expenses confidently, without the added stress of using personal funds.


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Financial app on mobile phone showing overview of expenses

Pleo's design team faced a challenge in having an inconsistent icon system that spanned across their products, resulting in visual disunity and redundancies. They lacked a process to scale the icon system as needs arose in the future.

To address this, our design team worked closely with Pleo to create a consistent icon system that reflects the company's innovative approach to financial technology and enhances user experience across all digital products.

Our process involved a deep understanding of Pleo's brand identity, values, and design language, ensuring that the new icon system aligned with the fintech’s overall vision. We then identified areas that needed improvement in the existing icon system, such as the need for consistency, scalability, and adaptability across products.

Custom quirky icon set for Pleo’s financial technology products
Navigation bar on mobile phone displaying Pleo’s icons for cards, expenses, review, and user settingsExpense tracking on smartphone for finance management
Round avatars of smiling faces in pastel colors, reflecting Pleo's vibrant and friendly brand identity

We created an icon library that encompassed Pleo's brand essence and tone, with a focus on simplicity, clarity, and functionality. We also ensured that the icons were designed with accessibility and user-friendliness in mind.

Managing expenses via application on smartphone
Bold black hand icon with thick stroke, used for intuitive navigation on Pleo’s platformBold icon of a pizza in black with thick stroke, part of Pleo’s extensive icon system for their fintech app
Agile design for up-to-date financial transactions from colleagues via corporate credit cards
Graphic design showcasing accessible payment icons in friendly pastel colors for easy financial trackingMobile screen showing employee account overview with user-friendly menu icons for easy navigation
Studio Lenzing is a joyful design powerhouse rich in perspectives. The team comprises excellent listeners, thorough thinkers and detailed designers. Working with them is an absolute pleasure."
Martín Cohen
Product Designer, Pleo

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