2020 commitments

2020 commitments

New opportunities, projects and challenges
Leander Lenzing
Franziska Block
2020 commitments

Along with the new year of 2020, there will be new opportunities, projects and challenges for Studio Lenzing.

Rather than joining the great ambitious masses and their half-hearted new year’s resolutions, we have decided to go a step further. The result? Four commitments, guiding our corporate action (both internal and external) for the following 12 months.

01/ Team & partnerships

Our foremost aim on an internal level is building up a good team. The be-all and end-all in doing so is finding people with the right cultural fit. Meaning: good humor (because work should be fun, too), shared vibes and aesthetics, authentic humaneness, and a certain (design) skill set.

Referring to our client partnerships we are striving for cooperations at eye level, enabling us to learn and prosper as a design studio. At the same time it is part of our corporate responsibility and understanding to maintain a reliable and trusting relationship with our partners for a long and harmonious collaboration.

02/ Always learning & improving

It is so easy to do nothing more than what you always do. Sure, the comfort zone is a nice place. Yet, we don’t want to be stuck here. We’ve only just begun. We enjoy tackling new challenges that allow us to learn and grow sustainably. Be it business matters like tax or law issues, psychological themes, testing and learning new tools or improving our animation skills — we love to move forward.

03/ Authenticity

What a buzzword. We know. Yet, authenticity is probably one of the strongest guidelines in our daily business. It is essential for us to stay true to our line without compulsively putting our own stamp on a client’s project. At the same time, a client also books you for what you are and what you radiate.

For us it means creating a strong and honest outward perception in order to attract the “right” kind of clients. Major drivers in doing so: Honesty and candor.

For example: It’s absolutely okay to not have an elegant answer at hand in a meeting. It is okay and crucial to communicate that and to simply come back to it a couple of days later, once you made up your mind or fixed the knowledge gap. Communication is key. It is the foundation in which trust and understanding may flourish.

04/ Vision and values

That’s a big one, for sure. This is the year to compile and manifest our learnings. Not in order to create a strict and rigid rulebook, but an internal compendium that is as vibrant and floating as we are — individually, and as a studio.

Of course, we are already aware of the values and visions that drive us every day. Yet, they’re rather an abstract idea in our heads than a tangible constant. So this year, we’re going to pour it all into form. For us, but also to round off our corporate identity.

Inside Studio Lenzing
Professional Development
Leander Lenzing
Leander Lenzing
Designer, coffee enthusiast & minimalist at heart. Never without a pair of sunglasses.
Franziska Block
Franziska Block
Blogger‍‍, passionate yogi, dancer, and adventure seeker. Serious book addiction.

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