How We Work
We stand for good & honest partnerships
We are aiming to build sustainable and deep relationships at eye level. Honesty and transparency through communication and agreements are embedded in our basic DNA. Overall, we are looking for partners who share our views and values.
We solve real problems for real people
Our partners have a task, a problem, a first idea. This is where we start. Right at the beginning, at the core of the problem. Together we figure out the root cause of the issue and fix it with & through design.

To get there, we use a wide range of channels and tools: from research, content, copy, tonality, concept, prototyping, testing to the final design and production. This is what we do, and what we're really good at.

In the end, we treat the underlying cause, not the symptoms to make our products as sustainable and long-lasting as possible.
We create beautiful and functional products
Our aesthetic standard is set high. Our design is going to elevate your product or project. We work hard until everything is coherent while neat to look at.

Beautiful design is worth nothing if it’s hard to understand. We have a diverse team of clever people: From researchers to psychologists and copywriters, all collaborating to develop an outstanding user experience.
We make technology human
We build digital products that are anchored in the real world. At Studio Lenzing we have deep looks at the specific needs of our users and do all the research to understand them. What do they require? And how can we make the user experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible?
Want to talk about a project, the next big thing or an idea? We are all ears. Check out our briefing form for an easy, streamlined check-in.
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