People of Studio Lenzing: Anja

People of Studio Lenzing: Anja

11 questions with Anja Merz

In a digital world, with all the current topics that are touching everybody's hearts and lives, it’s all about people.

This is why we decided to go behind the scenes and have our people from Studio Lenzing share their personal stories. Today, we'd love to introduce you to Anja.

Hej, I'm Anja, and I truly love traveling. Exploring other countries and cities, above all culinary, always make my heart beat faster. To be honest, I generally love food. Just give me a nice meal to make me happy. Needless to say, I also enjoys to cook myself, but will never say no to check out a new cafe or restaurant in town. Of course, there is more to me than just food. I also love cycling, anything Danish and good coffee.

Anja, what led you into design?

When I was a child, I used to be the best in arts, always called the "creative kid". Even when I did not know it back then, design has always been some part of my life and identity and somehow always shaped parts of my everyday life, even as a kid. As of today, I still enjoy spending my time with handcrafting and drawing illustrations.

Ever since going to university, where I studied media management (bachelor degree) and media + design management (master degree), I knew that I would want to work in the creative industry, using my creative powers to make people feel good and enjoy life. Having had some marketing experiences at first, I finally found her way into the world of design.

What is your job at S/L?

I'm a product designer :-)

How does your daily (work) routine look like?

For me, a typical day starts with a short yoga session, followed by a well-balanced breakfast. I really like to take my bike to get to the office, even on cold and rainy days. Here, I enjoy the first coffee of the day with Leander and Malte, where we will talk about the daily tasks and challenges.

In general, I like to switch between 2 to 3 different projects / tasks a day. This way, I won't get either bored or tired but stay fresh and motivated.

Around midday, I love to cook together with the team, go for a walk and catch some air. I know how important this is for my body and creative flow. In the afternoon, I will finish my to-dos, enjoy a last coffee and cycle back home at around 6pm.

Which person (dead or alive) would you love to meet (and why)?

Oh, I would love to meet my great-grandparents and get to know their characters. I sometimes finds myself asking if there are any similarities to them and what experiences and lessons they would share with me in general.

What is your most recently streamed song?

"The Look" by Metronomy

The most inspiring book ever?

"How not to Die" by Michael Greger

Which app did you last you delete from your phone (and why)?

TikTok. I just did not feel it. And, to be honest, I am happy about every deleted social media app that won't have me wasting any time.

Favorite Podcast?

That definitely depends on my mood and wishes. Sometimes, when I just need to have a nice conversation wash over me, I will put on "Herrengedeck". Then, there are times, when I like to go deep, learn and concentrate completely on a topic. Then, "a mindful mess" is my favorite choice. But I also like to listen to start-up podcasts.

What's your work set-up?

What keeps you up at night?

Warm pretzel varieties.

Mar 26, 2021
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Anja Merz
Anja Merz
Product Designer
Anja Merz
Anja Merz
Product Designer
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